Tips for Organization

With spring weather around the corner it’s time to get organized and declutter that which was compiled over the winter months.  Personally, I feel more productive in an organized space and I prefer to be able to clearly see what I have going on.

Top tips to stay organized:

  1. Get a pretty planner: I have found that when I have a planner that I feel looks nice I tend to keep up to date with placing my events and plans inside. If you get excited about pulling out your planner, or seeing your planner then you’ll tend stay more organized. Finding a nice planner doesn’t have to break the bank and you can find a good inexpensive planner/agenda at Indigo.
  2. Use visual tools:  Having a visual representation of everything that you have going on is an easy way to stay organized. Perhaps this means buying a calendar to hang on the wall, or a virtual calendar on your laptop/phone or even a series of sticky notes. Seeing your list of to-do’s, appointments or assignments can help you remember what you have to do.
  3. Colour Coordinate! I cannot stress this one enough. Whether it’s different coloured pens, sticky notes or highlighters, having each category represented by a different colour can help reinforce what you have going on. For instance, when in university I would designate a specific colour for my agenda and to-do lists to each class that I was taking in order to clearly see how much I had going on in each class. This not only helped me know what course each assignment or reading was for but helped me manage anxiety.
  4. Know yourself. So I’ve given some quick tips on how I stay organized but these are simply what has helped me. Everyone is different and it’s about finding what works for you. The number one problem is assuming that everyone’s brain works in the same way and this can lead to people feeling frustrated when one method doesn’t work. Over the years I have found different methods that work best for me but sometimes I will develop a new organization method for a new task. The reason why I rely heavily on visual organizational tools is because if I’ve written it down several times I not only find it easier to remember but I find I can relax more with my workload as I don’t feel a nagging pressure to remember everything.

As I’ve mentioned, these are just a few of my quick tips for staying organized and I could probably go on and on with every category or organization (i.e. school, work, personal)  but I won’t (don’t worry).

I would love to know what your methods for organization are, so please, comment below!


Winter Tea Favorites

I’m a tea fanatic and so naturally I have a pretty large tea collection from DAVIDs TEA. Here are my favorite DAVIDs TEA winter finds.


Candy Cane Crush

 Candy Cane Crush

This tea is my go to for a cold winter afternoon when I fancy something minty. The candy cane pieces offer a minty blast with every sip while the white chocolate chips provide a perfectly sweet balance.


Walnut Orange Scone

Walnut Orange Scone



Caramel Shortbread

Caramel Shortbread

This tea is perfect for a night dessert tea as it offers a guilt free dessert substitution.



White Diamond Weave Nordic Mug

White  Diamond Weave Nordic Mug 


This cute design can hold 16oz of any warm beverage you like! DAVIDs TEA provides a stainless steel filter and lid with every cup so you can choose to have loose leaf tea, coffee or hot chocolate in your favorite design.

Holly Branches Carry Travel Mug

This travel mug holds 16oz of tea and keeps your drink warm for hours to enjoy. Another cool element of the travel mug is that the lid has a secret compartment that can hold extra tea leaves for a second cup later in the day.

Gold Perfect Spoon

Gold Perfect Spoon


The colourful option in perfect spoons from DAVIDs TEA provide the perfect amount of tea leaves per cup and helps to contribute to the overall tea drinking experience.


DAVIDs TEA has been my go to tea store for the last couple of years and I have to say that they do not disappoint. Whether it’s treating myself or buying a gift for a friend I can always rely on DAVIDs TEA having something. In the winter time I love nothing more than to curl up with a good book, wear my fuzzy socks and enjoy a freshly steeped tea.



















My travel bucket list

Travel has always been an interest of mine I have spend many a winters day imagining warm beaches and traveling adventures. Here is my list of the top 10 places that I would like to visit or revisit one day.

  1. Greece
  2. Bahamas
  3. Spain
  4. Scotland
  5. Italy
  6. France
  7. England
  8. Germany
  9. Netherlands
  10. Australia


With the holiday season approaching it has always been easy to tune out and ignore uncomfortable topics such as sexual harassment or abuse, and yet these issues exist regardless of age, race, status or season.

The recent explosion of the #metoo movement has brought to light the frequency and severity of sexual abuse experienced by both men and women. Some have criticized the movement for stripping women of anonymity, while others have seen the movement as empowering. The societal shift and support shown to victims of abuse forces accountability and allows a change in the perception of shame/embarrassment felt by the victims.

To publicly speak up and voice these experiences can enable a victim to feel like they are taking back the power as silence allows abusers to continue to harass. Whatever a victim of sexual abuse chooses to do in order to heal, it is time that men begin to be held responsible for their actions.

The sentiments of “well he’s a guy” as being an excuse for improper behavior has to stop. Women are held accountable for their actions and yet we are still perceived as the “weaker sex”? The way you treat others should have nothing to do with gender, but instead be a direct reflection of your quality of character.

How is it that women are still considered to be the weaker sex and yet they have to work twice as hard to get half as far within their career. The determination and drive that is required for a woman to be given the same respect as a man within the workplace takes incredible strength and resilience. In Canada women are paid 74 cents to every dollar that a man earns. Women are preyed upon and seen as less in too many aspects of society and it is time that the world gets the message that women are not less, they are equal.

The #metoo movement has provided a platform and voice to the silent and is holding men of power accountable for their actions but this should only be the beginning for a new wave of feminism. Sex should not be a deciding factor for how much a person is valued in society and it is time for abusers to face the consequences of their actions.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”- William Wordsworth

Journaling has always been an interest of mine and I think it’s fascinating how ones life can be documented in the moment with open and free expression. The whole concept of writing down your deepest thoughts, or simply recalling a days events can be very personal and an opportunity for self-reflection.
I started journaling when I was in high school on a three month exchange to France. I found journaling to be a good release of my experiences while on the exchange and I remember it being the main form of communication that I had. Since I was not fluent in French, I found it difficult to properly communicate my thoughts and ideas with my peers and so journaling in the evening was a way to express how I felt. While I was learning the language and being exposed to a new culture, journaling was a tool for me to reflect on the whirlwind of events and experiences that I encountered during my exchange. Now, several years later I am so glad that I wrote down my daily experiences as they allow me to relive the exchange, and also remember how I felt while it was happening. 

Journaling offers a method of release that can be uncensored and real. When you journal you can have open communcication with yourself and can deeply reflect on your experiences at whatever time you choose. This is perhaps the most appealing aspect of journaling for me because you can write down both positive and negative experiences without apology or worry and then forget about any pain until you feel ready to face it. This allows the writer to have a sense of power and strength in difficult situations that might otherwise be unavailable.  

The phrase of “there’s always three sides to every story: yours, theirs and the truth” and while in many ways this saying is true, journaling can offer a side of a story without influence from outside perception and provides the raw recounting of events. Anything that is written by a person about an event or an experience is purely that persons perception and can reveal a different view of history.

Hello Blogosphere!

Here is my first official blog post (how intimidating)… I’ve wanted to start blogging for a while now but never felt like I knew what to write about and just overthought the whole process. So here goes nothing…

A little about me:

I’ve recently graduated from university and have returned home to attend college for Public Relations. In high school I completed a three month exchange to France with was an unforgettable experience. Travel has always been an interest of fine and while I haven’t seen much of the world, I definitely plan to.

What is this blog about?

Well I’m not exactly sure, but I’m intrigued to see how it will evolve. My interests are reading, writing, drinking tea, watching tv shows, and spending time with my family. When I’m not drinking my Davids Tea or reading a novel you can find me busy with school assignments or scrolling through Instagram.